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Hello There :)

    Hi there! My username (as you can see) is fuu_fuuz,
but you can just call me Fuu if you want.  Anyways, I joined this
community because I am a fan of the shibuya-kei genre. At first, when I
started listening to (and enjoying) Cibo Matto last year, I've never
heard of this genre. Two days ago, I discovered Pizzicato 5, and this
genre, and the rest is history. I'm currently in 7th grade (I'm twelve
currently, and turning 13 in February) and none of my classmates (or
anyone in my school for that matter) have heard of any indie/foreign
music acts, so I don't really have anyone to talk to about music I
like. Anyways, I hope to have fun here.

    Also, just to save bandwidth, time, ect. I'll just
ask my question here. Anyone know of any other shibuya-kei acts similar
to/enjoyable as Pizzicato 5 or Cibo Matto? Thanks a lot :)

 (Also, sorry for my crappy spelling, english is not my first language and I only came to Canada a couple of moths ago)
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