Harajuku Hijack (harajuku_hijack) wrote in shibuya_kei,
Harajuku Hijack

Harajuku Hijack -- Japanese Youth Culture E-Shop & Information!

Hello everyone,

I am new to the community and wanted to introduce my journal. Part e-shop, part information hang out, Harajuku Hijack has a variety of kick-@$$ goods straight from Japan! With an emphasis on youth pop and street culture, most items have been born from the sub-district of Shibuya, Harajuku. A montage of cool and cute goods (stickers, postcards, original artwork, etc.) it is a montage of gothic lolita, gal/kogal, punk work and just pure insanity.

There are 4 items up right now, but I will be adding more items everyday. I will not post them here, as I think it would be a bit much, but please, click the link below. There's a FAQ, contact address, purchase link, descriptions, and scans of the items. Everyone is welcome to browse. You may feel free to comment without purchase, however I ask you keep it civil.

I also plan to put up information on Harajuku, including links, movie files, photos, history and anything great I can find. I hope you enjoy Harajuku Hijack. Thank you for your time.

See you there!
The Team @ Harajuku Hijack
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