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Shibuya-Kei Fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Shibuya-Kei Fans

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Clothing sale! [09 Jun 2011|01:28am]

Hey I'm having a huge sale for lots of FRUiTs, fairy kei, decora, raver, and Bodyline clothing and accessories.
Please check it out!


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Download Mens Health 2010-05/US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA) (757561) [22 May 2010|03:08pm]

Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA) Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA)
Maxim №5/2010/ US Maxim 04/2010/Mexico Mens Health 2010-05/US
Playboy Lingerie Playboy's Vixens

Download Playboy's Vixens, Alice Goodwin Official Calendar (2010/USA), Mens Health 2010-05/US, Playboy Lingerie, Maxim 04/2010/Mexico, Maxim №5/2010/ US, Maxim #4 (april 2010 USA), Hustler №7 (2010/USA)

<`TiGgEr`> fuck u need a dvd drive to rip dvd's thats what the program says

<`TiGgEr`> alls ya want is to put a rented dvd in to ripp it and watch it later but no u need the fuckn dvd drive</p>
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help me find this music [31 Jan 2007|12:10am]

About a year ago I heard some music at a concert in between the bands and loved it but could never find what it was. I recognized it could be called shibuya kei because it was in japanese and it resembled takako minekawa and kahime karie who I had previously heard. I'm not THAT familar with the genre but I know most of the big names and at least an album or 2 from many of them. The music was VERY much like retro (Nintendo, sega genesis) video games. Think a singer like Kahime Karie with something like Mario music for NES. It wasn't just SORT OF video game-like, it was blantantly going for a video game sound.

Can anyone give me some suspects?
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Lyrics! [28 Dec 2005|09:09am]

[ mood | fireside ]

Well, an internet search proved fruitless so I figure I'll try here.

Does anybody have Kahimi Karie's "My Suitor" cd? Does it have lyrics inside? I need the lyrics to 'Dilly Dally Dolly' for something and my Dolly Mixture tape doesn't have them either.

If you could post them for me I'd really appreciate it. Maybe I could give you some stuff in return. I'd go out and buy the CD again... but the only place I found has it for $40 :( Plus, I'd really like to have the lyrics by this weekend. It's for a short project.


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Hello There :) [28 Nov 2005|08:29am]

[ mood | Sick ]

    Hi there! My username (as you can see) is fuu_fuuz,
but you can just call me Fuu if you want.  Anyways, I joined this
community because I am a fan of the shibuya-kei genre. At first, when I
started listening to (and enjoying) Cibo Matto last year, I've never
heard of this genre. Two days ago, I discovered Pizzicato 5, and this
genre, and the rest is history. I'm currently in 7th grade (I'm twelve
currently, and turning 13 in February) and none of my classmates (or
anyone in my school for that matter) have heard of any indie/foreign
music acts, so I don't really have anyone to talk to about music I
like. Anyways, I hope to have fun here.

    Also, just to save bandwidth, time, ect. I'll just
ask my question here. Anyone know of any other shibuya-kei acts similar
to/enjoyable as Pizzicato 5 or Cibo Matto? Thanks a lot :)

 (Also, sorry for my crappy spelling, english is not my first language and I only came to Canada a couple of moths ago)

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Escalator [24 Aug 2005|06:48pm]

Here's an attempt at a discography of Escalator Records -- I've tried to find one online, I e-mailed Escalator asking for anything, but they only have the available ones listed.

If anybody can fill in any gaps or knows of a really complete listing, please let me know. Sorry bout the formatting.

Escalator Records Discography

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New Designs From Harajuku Hijack [11 Jul 2005|07:34pm]

I put up new designs today for a total of 29 designs so far. Check them out. All designs are straight from Japan as always!

Japanese Sales Receipt

Clean Facilities

Special Lower Price

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[30 Nov 2004|04:11pm]
PLEASE Check out the new fanlisting for:


If you're a fan of his music.
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OMG I AM A N00B [29 Sep 2004|12:44pm]

Hey, what's up. I am a newbie to this community. I just wanted to let everyone know that for the past 4 years or so i've been scouring file sharing sites, and have managed to scrounge up a large portion of the pizzicato five's discography. i'd say i have like 3/4ths? 4/5ths? of all their music. I've got most of their taped live performance in new york, some live stuff they did on japanese tv, a ton of Japanese releases, the 12" of playboy playgirl (which has alt. versions of all the songs), etc, etc. But yeah, i don't know if that's common or anything, so if it's not and you are interested in what releases i have, or if you have some crazy crap i don't, get a hold of me. I have only one problem in hooking people up, and that is my insane crappy connection! I live in the ass-middle of nowhere in greenfield indiana, and i have the worst dialup connection one can imagine.

Anyways, yeah, shibuya kei. it's great. I've managed to find some escalator recs. comps, a yukari fresh album, a couple losfield eps, etc
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[27 Aug 2004|04:55am]

Anybody have a discography of Escalator? Dam that label is sure-fire great.
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[18 Jul 2004|07:41pm]


the international channel on digital cable is going to air duel jewel live, wednesday 11pm ET/8 pm PT

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Harajuku Hijack Original T-shirt From Japan!! (Pre-Order) [30 Jun 2004|03:36pm]

Hello everyone,

We've got an original t-shirt for all you Japanophiles out there.

(Concept image)

Information BelowCollapse )
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no ignorance please [26 Mar 2004|02:09pm]

This is unacceptable. Zoom in and read what this writer thought was witty + funny.

Even non-asians can't take this type of ignorance. Sign petitions here
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[23 Mar 2004|12:20pm]

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[17 Jan 2004|04:35pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Does anyone know anything about the band TOKYO GHETTO PUSSY?

I don't know if they are really Japanese or what...but I got their album 'Disco 2001' and it is really neat...it sounds like a mix between Deee-lite and Pet Shop Boys...the CD was printed in Berlin but I think they are a Japanese band...they had two singles 'I Kiss Your Lips' and 'Everybody On The Floor' which are pretty J-poppy...

P.S- the book inside the album is a mini-mag with info on how to become a real Tokyo Ghetto Pussy...it is neat-o!

"I can remember the day exactly. I sat in a sushi bar, waiting for my chance in life to come soon. But my charming prince didn’t show up. A woman asked me for a light and said, “It’s time for you to change something. Stop waiting, it’s time to break the rules”. I was really impressed, immediately I understood the real message behind those words. From this day on nothing was ever the same to me..."

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back to shibuya-kei [23 Dec 2003|02:39pm]

has anyone heard yukari fresh? i am not sure if she would be termed as shibuya-kei pop, although i saw her name alongside hideki kaji. her voice is refreshing and adorable. speaking of hideki kaji, i listened 'this is still ok' yesterday and i liked it a lot! i also listened to cibo matto for the first time too (birthday cake, sci-fi wasabi) and although i dont like their music as much, they do make great music.
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Harajuku Hijack -- Japanese Youth Culture E-Shop & Information! [12 Dec 2003|12:02am]

Hello everyone,

I am new to the community and wanted to introduce my journal. Part e-shop, part information hang out, Harajuku Hijack has a variety of kick-@$$ goods straight from Japan! With an emphasis on youth pop and street culture, most items have been born from the sub-district of Shibuya, Harajuku. A montage of cool and cute goods (stickers, postcards, original artwork, etc.) it is a montage of gothic lolita, gal/kogal, punk work and just pure insanity.

There are 4 items up right now, but I will be adding more items everyday. I will not post them here, as I think it would be a bit much, but please, click the link below. There's a FAQ, contact address, purchase link, descriptions, and scans of the items. Everyone is welcome to browse. You may feel free to comment without purchase, however I ask you keep it civil.

I also plan to put up information on Harajuku, including links, movie files, photos, history and anything great I can find. I hope you enjoy Harajuku Hijack. Thank you for your time.

See you there!
The Team @ Harajuku Hijack
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[17 Nov 2003|04:28pm]
for anyone interested: supercar's new single 'BGM' (3 tracks), written yoshinori sunahara will be out the 19th. their new dvd, highbooster 2003 will be released on the same day.
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hi~ [08 Nov 2003|08:14am]
i am new. i'm also very stupid because i didn't know how to join a community at first... this isn't as active as it should be. where is everyone?
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[28 Oct 2003|10:11am]

[ mood | hungry ]

this is my first entry in this community. holla back ya'll.

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