I love paris in the the spring time (waiting__room) wrote in shibuya_kei,
I love paris in the the spring time


Hey, what's up. I am a newbie to this community. I just wanted to let everyone know that for the past 4 years or so i've been scouring file sharing sites, and have managed to scrounge up a large portion of the pizzicato five's discography. i'd say i have like 3/4ths? 4/5ths? of all their music. I've got most of their taped live performance in new york, some live stuff they did on japanese tv, a ton of Japanese releases, the 12" of playboy playgirl (which has alt. versions of all the songs), etc, etc. But yeah, i don't know if that's common or anything, so if it's not and you are interested in what releases i have, or if you have some crazy crap i don't, get a hold of me. I have only one problem in hooking people up, and that is my insane crappy connection! I live in the ass-middle of nowhere in greenfield indiana, and i have the worst dialup connection one can imagine.

Anyways, yeah, shibuya kei. it's great. I've managed to find some escalator recs. comps, a yukari fresh album, a couple losfield eps, etc
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