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Harajuku Hijack Original T-shirt From Japan!! (Pre-Order)

Hello everyone,

We've got an original t-shirt for all you Japanophiles out there.

(Concept image)

An original, Harajuku Hijack t-shirt for all you Japanophiles out here, this is an awesome t-shirt design that is a parody of the signs you see in Japanese department stores around the country stating "Plain Clothes Security On Patrol"; recreated into t-shirt form by a professional Japanese artist.

In Japanese: Shifuku Samurai Junkai Chuu
In English: Plain Clothes Samurai On Patrol

Shirt design:

Note: The "Harajuku Hijack" logo will NOT be on the shirt. It's just there for image protection reasons.
Image of actual shirt to be posted along with image after shirts are printed.

Shirt materials:
100% Pre-shrunk Cotton

Shirt sizes:
Currently this shirt is only being printed in LARGE.

Measurements in cm/inches:
Back Collar to Bottom: 74 cm / 29.13 inches
Chest: 55 cm (110 cm around) / 21.65 inches (43.30 inches around)
Sleeves: 22 cm / 8.66 inches

Right now Large is the only size I'm printing, however as orders accumulate, this WILL change. Part of the reason for the pre-order sale is to see what sizes will be most popular. Rest assured, if a size is popular, I WILL print it.

Shirt Color:
Basic, high-quality, white shirt with blue print.

Sale Price:
$14.50 USD (no other currencies accepted sorry)

Based on the shipping of one shirt, please inquire otherwise.
SAL (2 to 5 weeks) -- United States/Australia/United Kingdom -- $4.00
Airmail (2 weeks) -- US/AU/UK -- $5.50
EMS (1 week, insured) -- US/AU -- $12.00 // UK -- $15.00

All countries served; however, please inquire about pricing first.

To Order:
Email: Harajuku Hijack (also PayPal Address)
Payment Methods: Cash/International Money Order/PayPal

Email your name/mailing address, and payment, shipping and size preferences. Instructions on how to pay will be sent.

The t-shirts should be ready for shipping within the next few weeks (mid-July), so I've decided to go ahead with a pre-order sale. By sale, yes, I mean cheaper price. After this initial phase (the length of which has not yet been determined), the price will "return" to it's "normal" price. (Not a terribly big increase though).

Feel free to link this WHOLE ad to other sites if you so wish.

Get hijacked!
Jack Amano
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